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Project Description
An open source project to create a set of plug-ins, extensions, widgets and themes for Telligent Graffiti CMS.

What is included in Graffiti Extras 1.2?
Here is a list of plug-ins, extensions, widgets and themes that are included in this version:
  • Sitemap plug-in
  • Waegis plug-in
  • Mobile Theme Selector plug-in
  • Pingomatic plug-in
  • RSS Extender plug-in
  • Comment Reply Notifier plug-in
  • IP Blocker plug-in
  • Community Credit plug-in
  • Disable Spam Comment Notifications plug-in
  • Sharing extension
  • Community Reactions extension
  • Post Navigator extension
  • Search Relevancy extension
  • Theme Explorer extension
  • Poll Manager widget
  • Underground theme
  • Windows Mobile theme

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