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Suggestion for Share Extensions: showNames

Feb 14, 2008 at 5:27 AM
Is it possible you can add a boolean value to the method to toggle showing the sharing site name next to the image?

I simply added a bool variable of showName to the method. then a conditional statement of if it's true, append the ShareItSiteName to the sharebar.

I didn't even know what some of the icons were, until you hover over. I thought it would encourage users to choose to share the post if they can visibly see it is one of the sites they currently use.

public string Write(Post post, string imagefolder, string separator,bool showName)

if (showName == true) { sb.AppendFormat(" {0}", shareItTarget.Name); }

So I just then added the true/false variable to the Chalk statement and I can choose to display the values or not.

You can see the result if you look at one of my posts on my site at

I think it looks rather good with the 16x16 icons :)